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Wharton Park Golf & Country Club
Worcester - an ancient city with a modern outlook and principal location in the historic county of Worcestershire. From its earliest beginnings as a settlement in the Ironage period, through its industrial and commercial development to the current day, Worcester is awash with heritage both inside the city boundaries and beyond.
Discover more about the city's rich and varied past by using the search function on this page to delve into the city's industrial, ecclesiastical and political heritage: see the stunning Guildhall in High Street with its painted assembly rooms and sparkling chandeliers, wonder at the craftsmanship of the master masons who built the Norman crypt of the Cathedral and their equally gifted successors who gave us the building which today dominates the riverside and can be seen from miles around. Find out about Dr Wall and the beginnings of fine porcelain manufacture in Worcester or re-live the English Civil War or one of five other periods which the Commandery has played witness to as you explore this veritable "tardis" of a building.

The History of Worcester